Monday, June 14, 2010


i cant believe i HAVE TO move house again! i need a million dollar! if i ever get it soon i will buy a house straight away! no shopping really D; Godddddd!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Had buffet dinner at Meritus Mandarin Hotel with Jerric last night! it's expensive tho but really worth! didnt take so much picture since i was busy eating. lol. Everything was gooooddd. Okay not really everything. The vanilla ice cream taste like panadol.

the panadol ice-cream

jerric: must eat all the expensive stuff!

INITIALLY, i want to watch Time Traveller's Wife in the shop. since the boss is coming, must postpone the plan. -__-

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love how GaGa is being over the top!

Had a retarded music video session with Tania! too bad no pics.

So me and my friend Tania Wu, had this hype with some songs like Telephone, Eenie Meenie, If we ever meet again, and so on and so on. Let's talk about the middle one, eenie menie or however you spell it.

I'm pretty sure you all know it's sung by the almighty overrated havent-yet-reach-puberty boy callen JUSTIN BIEBER. What i'm about to write will be damn biased (bitch i know but at least i'm honest can). I dont like Justin Bieber! He sound like a girl. when i first heard eeniemeenie i thought it was some famous black guy featuring a GIRL. turns out it was Sean Kingston and the boy.

Who is he? i dunno. All i know that girls are crazy about this ugly little boy who dance like a noob. i really think i can do better HAHA. And his music videos are cheezy! this really show that he is a little kid trying to act like a grown up. but whatever. I really do think he just have to thank Kingston and Ludacris for making him famous by somehow collaborating with them (which i have no idea why would them).

OH AND MOST IMPORTANT. yesterday i was watching Diary Of A Wimpy kid online. haha. the book is much more funnier but the Rodrick is OH EM GEE soooo HOT in the movie. way hotter than Bieber. His name is Devon Bostick.

go and google then compare.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i am alive

hello people, yes i am alive. ok shut up yes i know i've neglected my blog for at least 3 months!! there i update!

i'm super bored currently. maybe i just HAVE to be extremely bored to update my blog. i've missed so much things to share i dont know where to start!

oh and I AM WORKING NOW! i'm no longer a stupid bimbotic schoolgirl who dunno how to make money! well my job is boring tho. a salesgirl at AMUSE, parco millenia walk. come and drop by to say hi!

see how bored i am!

i've been working here for 2 months and i'm quitting soon. i cant take the boredness (?) for so long. alright this place is so boring because there's seldom people buy! mostly they just walk in and irritate me. see price tag and run away

but really! because out clothes is quite expensive. our least is $100. and it's local designer (HELLO designers are designers ok! zara is not designer u dumbass!). but some people are just too idiotic to understand that. they think $100 is for them to buy high end brand. ahem, what can u get at high ends with $100? a pack of gucci tissue? this is really the time to use their brain.

anyway, i know ove said this over and over and over and over again, but i'll try not to neglect my blog again! i have to go now. jennifer (my boss) is waiting for me. byess