Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it wont be soon before long

yesterday watched maroon 5 concert. at first, i didnt really enjoy it. but i had fun onwards after they play my favorite song, wont go home without u XD and i admit adam has nice body. and his tattoos make him even more sexier. he molested his body when he sang little of ur time, according to the lyrics too, i fainted. duh. i wore my chemical romance t-shirt at maroon 5 concert. overall, the concert was a bit dissapointing bcos they only performed for 1 and half hours. but it was great performance.

today went to school to see lala and pass yolanda's research. but then i hv to chase her to dhoby ghaut =.= then i met jesieca :D she was from art friend i suppose. my stomach very painful. no link, i know. oh anyway, florence will be away for a few days which means i will be alone. i think im gonna stay all day in my room XD can turn the light on until whatever time i want XD nyahahaha~

oh ya, robert showed me this :
open open !! so fantasticcccc XD

Sunday, March 16, 2008


i went to the zooooo !!! wheeee !!! XDDD it's been a long time since my last trip to zoo. i went with jes jane kus and proud. surprisingly, i was the first to come. the best part was the splash show. there was a lil girl attacked by a pelican, but the father who lifted her up doesnt feel guilty at all. bah. and i was kissed by carlos the sea lion :D too bad there's no panda ! waaaaahh!! i wanna see panda!! do u know how much in love i am with a panda ??!!

oh and i've been taking pictures of animal butts.

which one is the sexiest ?

options from top to bottom; baboons, rhinos, elephant, zebras

Saturday, March 15, 2008


went for cosplay with proud today :D so many people and they all sooo nice XD met kaoru and her boyfriend, what a cute couple :) i also want a punk bf! hahahaha XD but too bad i didnt bring camera so cant take pictures. after that went to daisy rock with jane proud jes kus kv and em. one song then went home. hahaha. tmr go zoo XD yaaaayy~ i hope can wake up ;p


i just came home at 2 tonight this morning. then i opened my plaster and found out my finger was badly bleed. i ran out of my room, with a bleeding cotton, panic =.= then thatha and dintun also panic XD;; dintun put antiseptic on my wound. it was sooooo painful i started to cry and scream, and i woke florence up XD but then she went to sleep again immediately. finishing touch, they put a new plaster on my booboo :/ haha, thanks for u two. sry to bother and being such a crybaby :/ but it hurtssssss, blood was dripping at first :'( i hope now is okay.

anyway i also got booboo on my face x/ some idiot threw a chicken while i was frying. then the oil splat to my face. now i got scar!!!!! waaah!!!!

oh and i've seen koizora :D so niceeeee!!! no regrets, really X3 thanks alot, u know who u are.

Monday, March 10, 2008

die die die

i tell u what, my money is finished already. not totally, still got 50 bucks. it's because of the damn maroon 5 ticket. the $125 is finished already, so i bought the $150. 2 tickets so i paid $300. fuck. then i really really really really cannot watch sky of love, not even buy food. eat instant noodle everyday lah. DAMN IT !!!!!! (*&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!! aaaagh!!!! sky of loveeee~~~ ;___;

Thursday, March 06, 2008

financial problem causes a lot of problems

florence said the movie is sooooo gooddddd!!!!! omg seriously man, i'm suffering this month :( just now i went to orchard and i saw a lot of fifty percents, seventy percents, and 4 tempting letters, s-a-l-e. fuckkkkk!!!!!! waaaaaa x'( i wanna watch sky of loveeeeeee !!!!!!! somebody helpppp!!!!!!!!


no im not watching that =.= im quite cashless rite now. bcos i'll have to pay $250 for 2 maroon 5 tickets. i just bought a new phone and bought shoes online plus i've spent quite alot for daily needs. hmm.. so i think i cant spend too much anymore. and i hv to consider about future art stuff =.= what if i hv to buy this and that but i have no money ? die la. my money is already below $300 until the end of the month T__T sad .. i wanna watch sky of loveeee!!!!!! i've been waiting for so loong~~ but no money ;__; seriously i really wanna watch :'(

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

stay home all day

skipped school today. i wanted to go for IS but it was raining hard, so i decided to stay home and sleep XD yolanda texted me, she said they did nothing in 3D class =.=

since i stay home all day, there's no story and no pic =.= hmm ...

ahahaha, i forgot to post XD i just came home from burer king XD omg so stupid .. ok lah since i hvnt post, im gonna write more.

im waiting for confirmation from my friend, but that bitch nvr text me anything. rah! if she's not coming then i dont know.. i dun wanna watch alone !! waaaahhh!!!! but i'm sure she's coming :) she loves maroon 5 like i love myself. ngahahaha XD

yay, gonna watch sky of love with housemates tmr :) i've been waiting for that movie :D

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

today today

accompany jane removed her tattoo. omg, it looks so scary and painful!! the laser is whipping her!!! and her stomach is bleeding. too bad, she cant take a shower for a day. ahahahaha, u will be meeee, jane !!! muahahahaha!! XD

i bet it hurts like shit
and then went far east to accompany proud get piercings :D

anyway, sengyu is in army now. and joyce twisted her neck. which means i will be alone for 3D T_T but i think i'll skip class tmr. just give mc and everything's (suppose to be) fine :) haha.
not so many things happen today but this morning i saw *cough cough* :D (no, not the korean guy, my other eye candy) i hvnt see him for quite long time. he's getting cuter and cuter :3 nyaaaa~~ too bad he has a pretty gf :/

karina is gonna come here for maroon 5 :D yaaaay!! but still not sure :/ if she's not coming, anyone wanna watch maroon 5 with me ?

Monday, March 03, 2008

pusingnya kepalaku

means my head so dizzy

today, no, yesterday (monday ended 40 mins ago) was the first day of school after one week holiday. that's why i'm still very lazy. anyway, justnow i checked my yahoo email, and i have 988 unread emails *yaaay, let's keep it until 1000 :D* and if u think all of them are ads, u are wronggg !!! muahahahaaha, ok some of them are ads, but mostly personal emails. ahahahaha. okay forget it.

anyway, my visa cant be used! @$%^&*(*&^!!!!!! cant go online shopping! rah!! speaking of shopping, today i bought motorola W220. it's a really really basic phone. no camera no bluetooth no infrared no mp3. only for sms and call. it's cheap!! only $110. i'm not looking for those cool amazing great features in a phone. i only give a damn about the outlook. ahahaha XD hooray for fashion phones XD