Thursday, February 21, 2008

unlucky lahh

hey, long time no blog ;)
tmr is my ccs presentation abt christian dior. i'm quite nervous bcos my classmates were so good. i think i'l just anyhow.

so the idiot rasti went to school this morning, with another 6 idiots. fatin atiqah roshni daryl yilong and sengyu. we went to IT room and opened the door. i saw boonkeng. and a stranger. i step further in, the class was full of strangers. hmm.. i wonder why. then we asked boonkeng, he said "oh Q class! u got no class lah today, until march 20th" ok thanks i was rushing like mad.

then me daryl yilong sengyu went for breakfast at burger king. then i went straight home. sleep. in my sleep, i was dreaming robert texted me and asked if i wanted fries. i replied, i said no. when i woke up, i checked my phone and it wasn't a dream =.=

ahh, not my lucky day lah today :/

Sunday, February 17, 2008


long time no update. if u think i'm still being very emo, well, ur half right XD

yesterday me jess jane proud and kuss went for picnic at botanic garden tanglin. jane cooked for us :D and i say she can be a cooking mama. it's been a long time since my last picnic. hmm, my l;ast picnic was when i'm in primary school. very nice. haha. too bad i didnt bring camera, so, no pictures :/

anyway, i have a lot unused clothes. i dont know what to do with them. i'm thinking of selling them online (they're good clothes okayyy) or to a flea market. but i still dont know. or maybe i'll give it as freebies x) girls! i have freebies!! come to my place XD

Thursday, February 07, 2008

major sadness

i just got bad news from my mom today .. my dog is dead. im very sad. he died yesterday, but my dad didnt tell me. the day befor he died, i was talking to my dad on the phone. i wanted to hear my dog's bark but then i think i can meet him anytime. but now i regret.

im gonna miss u soooo badly

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

mission: saving

in order to save money, i plan to stay at home until my mom's coming. i stay IF no one ask me out XD fortunately today no. so i cook. i made a fried rice. i made it for 1 hour and i ate it in 10 mins. bleah. and it's waaaaaayyy too salty. yes, i spill the salt =.=;; then how? yaa, i eat it laa. no one would eat it :/ but now, i find it very boring to stay at home all day. hmmm .. maybe i should go out? but not spending any money ? impossible for me ..

oh yaa, i've watched sweeney todd yesterday with jesieca. hmm.. not as good as i expected :/ the music not really nice.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

today ..

today i volunteer for lasalle 'C' day. it was quite fun. talk alot. tiring but fun. hohoho. they gave me a very big tee. hmm.. i think they run out of small sizes. i dunno what happen, but all of us were obsessed in collecting badges (?) and i got all the 3 colors, thanks to janice :D and there'e a big painting made by students. and there's a painting that looks so real, it's a back of a guy. everytime i passed that wall, i always thot someone was painting there

no it's not a man ..

after that me jane jes proud kus kv kim emad went to far east to get piercings. we all did except proud, she said she want to get one in thailand. i bet it's cheaper. hoho.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

my generous daddy

today is february 2nd and my allowance is not coming yet!!! raaahh!!
my dad called me 3 days ago ..
dad: "hey, i'm in spore"
me: "yaa? really?"
dad: "yeaaaa, i'm going brunei!"
me: "send my allowance already?"
dad: "oh shit man, i forgot! ahahaha"
me: "...... then how ?"
dad: "then u wait laa until i come back. kk? byeee~"
-click-*peeeeeep peeeeeeeep*

thanks dad, very funny

so i cant go anywhere until my money comes! stuck at home with idiots!! raahhhh!!! @#%$&*(^#!!!!