Friday, August 31, 2007

1 in the morning

i havent sleep for about 2 days, and yesterday (it's 1:15 now) i went to jane's house and sleep :D it's very nice to sleep in her room than the living room. nobody disturb me, no poking no screaming ni hitting or anything annoying. i slept for about 2 hours. then i join my friends, eat aaron's spaghetti (sorry but it's not that good), and watch a brazillian movie. seng yu's choice, i dont like it. so boring. and i got home at 7. i slept again XD and i just woke up now, i have nothing to do. no homeworks *yaay* and not as usual, the house is sooo quiet. only me irene anya and agnes. working on our laptops. usually, the whole house hangs at the living room. sticking their interior designs homework on the wall, sit and work their ass on the floor, no space to walk, and everything. but tonight is soo quiet and tidy. haha. maybe they all collapsed. yea, they dont sleep properly too. the whole house dont. i think i'm going to bed again. ciao

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

just a little refreshing

okaaaay, i'm tired working on my homeworks !! 3D, 2D, drawing, printmaking. aww, poor little me :( doing all those craps. i'm so lazy, i never do my homework since i was in highschool. now i have to do them all. btw, i'm getting start to like this campus. i've got great classmates, eventhough they treat me like an underage child. and also, my favourite, i've got hot gossips x) but i wont tell them here. haha, so many gossips from 2 countries, singapore and indonesia XD man, girls love gossips.

oh yeah, the whole house has been very busy. the house look a lot like a crashed airplane. so messy ! papers everywhere, and the yellow fart friend palstics. i hate fart friend, make me broke for nothing T_T but i have to go there everyday. maybe i should date one of the staff.

tomorrow class starts at 12.30 so i can sleep late XD wooh, since i went to singapore i never sleep under 1 o'clock. and so does everyone. okay this is sucks, i just get rid of my eyebags last week and now they come again. thanks a lot.

more late, more people online. wow, the world has turned upside down.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


me and my housemates were watching ghost tapes. we screamed like a girl who's being raped (most of them are boys). then suddenly the phone rang, it was from one of our neighbour. he complained about us screaming. he said "i heard sounds like aaaaa aaaa". but my housemate said "no, we are all doing our homework quietly". after a little phone conversation, we continue our screamos. i think the neighbour couldnt take it anymore, he suddenly stand in front of our door and we all spread, pretend doing our homework. the door is transparent, fyi. wow, he's scarier than the ghosts XD hahaha . so stupid housemates i have.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

siloso beach with 1Q

yaay, yesterday me, jane, fatin, eileen, benji, kusal, sister long, daryl, kaoru, and emad went to sentosa. it was soo fun ! let's go there again some time :) too bad aaron weren't with us. don't worry aaron, we will put your face on empty spaces in the photos. but i don't promise XD oh yeah, we have something for aaron too, we made this with passion (especially jane, so passionate face) coz we are future artists XD passion is always good.

in his dedication

more photos :

it was really cool, i haven't go to the beach for long time. we should go to bali some times. but after that, my hair was totally damaged ! falling, sandy, dry, oily bangs. shiiitt !!!! but it's back to normal now :) but my whole body is soo painful now. must be because of jane, emad and kusal threw me so hard to the water. you bunch of assholes. but jane afraid of cable cars. hahha so funny when i see her shaking actually XD i mean, you just sit, enjoy the view and the door wont just open suddenly, you're not gonna die ugly.

black and white stripes, so summer :)

oh yeah, i was doing my 2D homework. i drew my face with chinese ink. when i was about to refill the ink, i pushed the bottle so hard. the ink spilled all over my legs and book. yuck, so gross.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

suster ngesot

wow .. printmaking class was kinda fun. the lecturer looks like ggon a lot XD well, ggon is my friend. i should've candid the ggon looklike lecturer. hha

and we played pool after class. i watched only, cant play. the were playing like crazy. duh . and when i passed the cinema, i saw THIS :

hahaha najonggg jong jong ..

it's suster ngesot, indonesian movie. dont watch it, it sucks. damn. i bet it's not even scary. hahahaha indonesian horror movies are so so bad, the worst horror movies in the world, ever. i dont understand how come it's showing in singapore.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


where is everyone !? how come people who reads my blog is getting lesser (lesser ?) ? read and leave tag ! hhu kenapa malah jane yg nampak ? *hha just kidding jane XD*

oh yes, i've been thinking about changing my blog's skin. i'm gonna make a new one, because this one is old enough. friday's off, so maybe i'll make it on friday. haha ! but still no idea XD but actually i'm kinda forgot how to make a blog skin, but i'll try. it doesnt have to be made of complicated codes, just simple but nice one. wooh, html world i'm back. hahaha.

so far, the new campus life is quite good. the classmates are nice, yeah, nice, the tryouts are great too, but some are so-so, the lecturers also laid back, but some are minta ditabok XD;; sorry i dont know the proper word in english. okay, i'm tired writing english !!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


i lost my key .. now i can get out but cant get in

Saturday, August 18, 2007


aduh kayaknya gw ga kuat deh disuruh nulis pake XD but i'll try my best to write in english

nothing to do today, just stay at home . so , no story


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

6 weird things about me

6 Weird things about me...

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

ditag sama mami T_T

1. First, i'm a very very very forgetful person. Not once or twice, but always. I forgot people's face and name if i only met them once. Even if it's the next day after we met. I even can't remember several things which just happen a few minutes ago. I hope it's doesn't get any worse.

2. I lose weight everytime i go to sleep. Please don't let this continue ..

3. I think sometimes. So basically, i do everything without thinking first. Only based on my feelings. Just don't consider me as stupid ! I'm just not much of a thinker, i never do anything silly anyway.

4. I've been to Lasalle (my campus) several times. But still, i always got lost. Maybe someone has to wait for me at the MRT station so i don't get lost anymore.

5. Pull certain parts of my hair and i'll get sleepy.

6. And last, i can't gain more than 43 kg. However much i eat, i'll always be skinny. Weird, huh ?

DONE! There are still many weird things about to me, If you know me closely, you'll know about them! Haha...

You've been tagged, peeps!
1. Ina
2. Nadine
3. Citra
4. Cencen
5. Tika
6. Augie

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ospek aneh

halo teman2, gmn ospek ? sadis ? apa seminar doang ? kalo gw ga 22nya, ospek gw KAYAK ANAK TK !! jd spt yg udah gw post sebelumnya, gw kan telat sama 2 org lain gt. trus pas udh masuk ruangannya gw dikasih kaos sm disuruh tulis nama. gw pikir tulis nama tuh dikertas putih trus tanda tangan di list gt. ternyata gw disuruh nulis nama diatas stiker kuning bentuk amoeba (apa bintang ya ?) trus disitu ada nomer kelompoknya.

yaa , gw kelompok 7
jd tau2 gw dianterin ke kelompok gw. trus gw dikasih tau sama kakaknya, kalo mereka lagi main tebak nama. jd dibagi 2 kelompok trus ditutup kain item trus suruh tebak nama org yg di dpnnya. yaa mirip2 kontak jodoh gt lah. ohiya pas gw dateng, krn gw telat, si kakaknya (cowo) dgn riang hati ngomong "everyone, say hello to rastiiii .. hello rastii". anak2nya nurut lagi. padahal gw paling muda disitu, dan mereka udah 20an gt rata2. and they enjoy playing like kids.

abis itu main twister. tp kainnya makin lama makin kcil gt lah. trus lo harus itu abis itu main ular naga sama hula hup. abis itu dibagi 2 kelompok, tanding hula hup trus kelompok yg kalah nyanyi. ohmaigaaat, gw feel stupid bgt at the time. yg lainnya mukanya senang riang sementara kayaknya gw doang di tempat itu yg pengen pulang. aduuh ayolah, kan namanya juga college of arts ! bukan kindergarten of stupidity. tar tgl 13 ada lagi nih. siap2 aja gw.

yaa kalo taun depan gw jadi mentor, gw suruh main perang2an pake pistol bneran. yg hidup boleh kuliah.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

orientation day = hari orientasial

langsung aja , knp hari sial ?
  1. ini hari pertama ospek dan gw telat stgh jam
  2. telatnya gara2 nyasar dan gw bolak balik 2 kali
  3. kaki gw jdnya sakit
  4. ternyata orientasinya itu ada jalan2 keliling
  5. panas nyet
  6. kaki gw udah pegel tambah pegel
  7. selesainya jam 1 , pulang . kan jam 1 lg panas bgt
  8. gw jalan dari somerset ke river valley
  9. panas abis
  10. capek bgt lg kaki gw sampe copot *berlebihan*
  11. gw ketemu tp ga ngobrol sama si songok *aaaaa*

sekian dan terima kasih . isi tag

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

haduh haduuh

wah2 , kok blog gw makin hari makin sepi aja sii !!!? ga suka deh ah !

ayolah orang2 , kalau anda masih waras, anda akan mengunjungi blog saya dan mengisi tagboard. kalo tidak berarti anda sudah tidak waras ! trus2 apalagi ya, gw bingung dah mau nulis apa kalo bgini. oke kita mulai sebuah cerita di paragraf ketiga halaman ini.

gw kan bilang ke lo2 semua kalo gw ambil jurusan fashion design di lasalle. benar bukan ? harus benar. tapi ! gw sekarang pindah jurusan loooh. jd dance theater. wiih oke bgt kan gw ? akhirnya berdasarkan material yg harus dibeli, ya gw beli *apasi*. ya pokoknya salah satunya adalah tutu. gatau tutu lo ? goblok. tutu tu baju balet. akhirnya gw beli tp warna item. hahahaha mau balet apa nyantet lo. mari kita lihat gambarnya :

ini sepatunya

ini roknya

keren kan boo ? hohoho. iya jadi gw ikut kelas nari2 gt d skrg, ya mungkin rada aneh sii, cuman ya gw tiba2 kepengen aja gitu. eh ternyata bisa XD hohoho. okelah sekian cerita pendek dari saya. selamat menikmati malam anda. hohohohoho

paragraf ketiga hanya fiktif belaka, bila anda percaya anda harusnya malu