Thursday, January 24, 2008

hoo yeaaa

so i just made it back home now. after a loooong day. first, i went to school for photography, i saw someone walked outside the door but there's no light under the curtain. which means, he's not a human. then, kuss accompany proud for her cosplay audition, the rest were coming to my place, ruining my room. then we ate at cineleisure. after that we went to hmv, guess what i got ? it's ancafe CD!!! omg, i've been looking like for sooo long time and at last proud found it and she gave it to me :D

went for shisha and fries. then go to alice's shop. omg! 2 gays were coming into the shop and rent wig. after they left, slice told us that some SM clubs ppl often come and looking for SM stuff. so weird. cant they see it's a cosplay shop? oh yeah, i also bought vivienne westwood's armor ring fake one, 18 bucks! haha but look so real XD if u dunno what it looks like, it's the same as kanon, tetsu and mika nakashima in nana. just go search lah. hehe. i love spore, they sell stuff i cant find in indo :)

a little too big but it's cool XD

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

this wednesday ..

i was a stalker for today. larry brought us to bugis junction. then he told us to pick a total stranger and follow them. so i stalked 3 person and ended up window shopping XD

the first person was a teenage girl. she stopped at every food stall there then she tried all testers. after she satisfied, she bought a drink and went to basement so i stopped stalking her. omg, i spent most time on her but also the easiest bcos i dun hv to walk around. just lean on the wall, pretend sms-ing XD hohoho.

then the 2nd one is an uncle. he was alone, walked slowly, holding a newspaper. hmm.. after a few steps, he stopped and looking at the 2nd floor. then walk again. then stop again. looking up. walk again. stop again. and so on. ended up going into a restaurant.

then the third one is a guy. he walked quite fast, he dun stop at the shops. after a big round walking, he went in to topshop, so i went in. then i forgot abt him and start browsing for clothes XD after that i realised that i lost him so i went back to school. hehe

Saturday, January 19, 2008

not important . dun have to read

at last, my favorite time of the week has come :D which is weekend XD i can stay awake until morning. i love sleeping, but staying awake also nice :) then just now i watched final destination 3 *late i know* i like it. haha. not important.

i really have nothing to do right now, so i write blog. i'm not sleepy so cant sleep. not hungry dun wan eat. i've got flu, sucks man =.= my right nose stuck and the other one is so runny =.=;; not balance. now now, i really dont know what to say so i just type type. ahahahaha.

anyway, nothing special today. hmm.. okay i guess i'll watch tv. ahahahaha bb ;p

Thursday, January 17, 2008

kiss kiss chu chu

okay, i finally bought laruku's new album. i bought it like almost 3 weeks ago but i just listen
to it now XD songs are nice!! i really love laruku, they've made like hundreds songs but they all are enjoyable :) from this album, i like pretty girl, the black rose, and hurry xmas! hohoho. the rest are also nice, but i like those three the most X3 and yeah, ken is fuckin hot ! waaaaaah!!!

and you know what, just now kus forced all of us to watch cloverfield. which i didn't enjoy at all. the story is very interesting. the poster also cool. BUT the movie is like shit. i watch it then become very dizzy. end up with headache for me, joyce and daryl. they dont make it like usual movies. it's like a documentary (yea rite, documentary abt monster =.=) so, the camera is not steady. it's like we were watching somebody's handycam in a very big screen. when he was running, then the camera go upside down, when he was being attacked, the camera spinning. so retarded!! who's the director !!? i wanna stab .. give me my 7 bucks back!! aaaahhh!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bye bye my v3

i'm so sad :( my phone died at such young age. i just have to live without my beloved phone. so saaaaaaaadd!!!!!! so tragic! sooo .. soo inhuman inphone ! i just cant forget everything we've been through. goodbye, rest in peace :'( i will always remember your blings..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8 minutes to wednesday

i just hate wednesdays! bcos of 3D!!!! omg, if janet nvr replace ahmad, i dont mind going to school and do works. but it's her, man!! a witch! bitch!!!! raaaaaahhh!!!!!! now she gave us a hw abt joint something, just uncool. fuck lah =.= now 5 mins to tmr. DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

despo hour

today is not good :/ school's fine, but i got things that turns me off. so i become so weird today. i stood infront of the house and did actually nothing. hmmm... why is that so ? because i've been thinking!!! *wooooow, at laaaast!!! rasti thinks!! congrats!!!! wahoooo!!!* =.=;;

i got so much things to do, which stressed me out. i become weird when i'm despo. hmmm.. what was i thinking ? it's a secret.. wahahahaha XD

okay, now i'm in front of tv alone with robert. everybody at dining table. i'm too lazy to go there :/ i'd rather stay here with my lovely pink toufu ^^ i love toufuu! so comfy and so cute. wahahaha.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

dull day

so here i am, in front of my laptop, writing blog. today is day off but i'm not going anywhere because i'm sick. sucks lah. i stay at home all day, until i realised there was no medicine. so the stupid rasti went to taka instead of great world. it was raining hard. duh. so i bought panadol, bye bye fever, and salonpas. hmm.. i got headache lah =.= i hope i get better by tmr. lol. have a nice day! dont get sick, it's raining season both in spore and indo :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

so today ..

i brought my A2 drawing book and we actually did nothing at school. damn. so we watched eastern promises. jane paid for me! XD i like the movie, i think the story is very cute :) and a little romantic. although what u see is killing and killing and bleeding and disgusting, the story is very cute. i like. i like stories about killers, they're always good. because killer stories always happy ending ^^ well, i dont know why but i think this kind of movie is more romantic than dramas.

and i stopped at orchard with daryl to buy some food. when i got home, florence's mom cooked fried rice for all of us. and then i was thinking "why i buy food then ?". so, we all were sitting at the dining table, and then we gave a test. it was so bad. badly bad. but florence was there so we act cool =.= then i put like aloooot of soysauce and i ate with the food i bought. it taste better. phew.