Saturday, September 26, 2009

friday night!

and this is what im doing! farrrkk
click for (much much) larger view
so hectic. im gonna sleep soon. byess!

Friday, September 25, 2009

shoes for sale!

yoo. i'm selling this!
zara suede pumps size 37
S$60 only! retail price about S$129 :D

Friday, September 11, 2009


helloooo im just testing to post using my phone. hahaha so fun blogging and slacking at the same time! you laid back bloggers should do this. but cant upload pictures. damn.

anw i was supposed to have class at 9 this morning but apparently i forgot to set up my alarm and i woke up at 9.43. nine forty three, ladies and gentlemen. 9.43. last week i skipped the same class, purposely of course. welllll soo now im gonna enjoy my 'free time' for a while, take shower, eat (yes im not fasting), and go to the next 4 hours class. damn longg sehh.

so how have you guys been doing today? :)


wohooo saw carol's fashion blog and tempted to write another entry. too much thing going on around me, i dont know where to start. alright, for those of you who used to be my reader, maybe when you see my blog again, you will think "what just happened to her blog? where's her happy-go-lucky-lalala background? whre's the tagboard and where the fuck is my blog's link!?" and the answer is: I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW TO MAKE A BLOGSKIN. well apparently i havent touch this html thing for years i tell you YEARS. then i think i put wrong code or something then my blog become white. i mean white. well then, ima figure out how to work thing out and hopefully i can bring back my old blog look. and for those of you who linked my blog, sorry i forgot yours =.=