Thursday, October 16, 2008

four thumbs up

again, jun ying stayed over to do fashion management presentation but this time i supervised her. haha. and i did mine. ira also came over but she left earlier. my presentation was quite okay, my classmates were asking me about the heart on my palm (refer to my facebook if you're lost =D i'm sure you are) before presentation, not too sure why but they really keep asking me to spread some more love. and i did a two thumbs up pose at the end of the presentation. hahaha! i love fashion management. even the big day also relaxing =)

ew ah lian :p

just now i slept wif my contacts on. both stuck when i woke up. super panic but i managed to get em out and throw em away. hahahahaha so funny.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

hi peopleee :)

havent blog for quite a while. yes everyone, i've been busy! last friday i was up until 9 am doing work. supervised by jun ying who decided to help me do and not doing hers. then on the very same day, i had a presentation at 4 pm. i was presenting about john galliano. i linked his collection into wars. while everyone else linked their designer into high fashion thing. i was so nervous but after i finished my presentation i feel so relieved :)

today i came home super late again. last week also. a bit tiring le, but no need to wait long time to get sleepy. doze off straight away. but i probably kinda enjoy it, for the past few weeks i dont really feel comfortable at home. i think i know why. not too sure either. hmm?