Monday, November 17, 2008

good girl gone bad

i went to rihanna's concert with marissa. it was damn good loh! but im so lazy to review.. hahaha. i've been down lately =.=

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i wanna watch tv !

i really need a time to get out of my fuckin room and do something like watch the tv, since that's the only thing i can do in the house other than my room. i never watch tv for super long time already. and when i spare my time to watch, those fucking boys occupied the tv without even care that i'm enjoying myself. what the fuck man!? they always occupied the tv everyday and i cant even watch just a movie? damn it!


I STUPIDLY UNINSTALL MY AUDITIONSEA! NOW I CANT RE DOWNLOAD! aaaaaaaaaa i wanna play!!!!!!!!!!!! sdfmkjweGUKDB`1#~~!

Friday, November 14, 2008

i'm in the real world i suppose?

assessment is finally over. unlike last year, i dont feel relieved AT ALL. i know i'm gonna fail my fashion comm and my CPJs. and i dont know why but they left my grading sheet on the table, which means i may not be graded. i dont know if they will give me a retrieval or not. if they think i deserve it then they will.

different lecturer said different things. nic said not to combine my fashion comm and my fashion management cpj together. then emma scolded me for doing it. ginette told us to collect our works at 4. emma said to leave our cpj there. what the hell!? what do they really want? who do we have to listen to? which one is right which one is not? lecturers blame us for not listening to instructions while they give us different informations. how can we do the exactly correct things while they actually have confusions among themselves?

whatever la. klintonn nic lucinda are u gonna fail me? i'm quite sure ginette and ling wont. i dont want to repeat. waste money. if i fail and they dont give me retrievals then i'll fuckin quit.

and JOYCE, my own friend, dare to backstab me. im tired of defending and covering for her. i'm really in a fashion world right now.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


stayed over at jane's place. planned to wake up at 11 to go to school, but (un)fortunately both of us dozed off until 4 pm. so we decided to stay at home and do nothing. but then i went back home for my 3 days old rice in the fridge.

it was so unexpected that everyone was asking me where was i for these 2 days. yes, i've been missing in actions. i didn't go for robert's surprise party and bbq. let's say it's because of my work =) so i decided to sms him and continue doing my work in sch, and then stay over at ira's place bcos it was already so late. the next morning i went to sch and then i went back home to sleep. and yesterday i decided to stay over at jane's place since she offered me first. hahahaha!

so now here i am. blogging. at home. trying to get over some things which is hard for me.

it's okay.. paris is still with me.

Friday, November 07, 2008

i am what i eat

7.38 pm @ lasalle. in class, with joyce tham.

went downstair to get snacks just now.

joyce: what did u buy?
me: pocky
joyce: omg. u everyday eat this kind of junk. did u eat rice or any other proper food?
me: hmm.. yeah somehow.
joyce: nobody take care of you isit?
me: kind of
joyce: nvm i take care of you. i be ur mum.