Wednesday, August 27, 2008


omg, i never blog for about a month. yea man, i'm very busy. got so many homework i dont even know which one to do first. but today i just finished my bebe presentation. i screwed up at the first few seconds but later on im getting used to it and presentation was going on very well :D

for today's editorial homework, lucinda wanted us to make 250 words story using our key item. my key item is white opi nail polish. i did my story 15 minutes before class. so my story is about a girl who killed her sister by stabbing a broken nail polish bottle into her neck. a bit lame i think. but lucinda liked it loh. but she said i shouldn'e kill the sister by stabbing. so how? throwing a bag full of nail polish to her head? ah nvm. anyway, my homework is so endless. i go do (again) now.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

super nyappy bread

went ps today with amanda. then i saw breads at action city. yes, bread. i thot "hmm.. since when they have bread?" but the bread has those emoticon faces so i think they were trying to sell iconic food (?) ok then i saw the price 5 dollars. wow, that's kinda overpriced for a bread. but they have faces, unusual packaging, and sold in action city. curious, i bought one. i bought vanilla bread bcos it has nyappy face on it.

back home, i open the package. uuuu, smell so niceee X3 and very soft.
so i made my first bite
and i bite
and i bite
but cannot bite
it taste so bitter
like rubber

ok now i understand why it costs S$5+ and sold in action city. bcos it's not a bread. not a fkin bread. it's a stress reliever. it's a FAKE bread. i shd've asked first =.= damn.

the fake nyappy bread

Friday, August 01, 2008

heyyo :)

OMFG! i havent update for looooongggggggggg time.

since i have forgotten most of things, i just write a bit *yes it's an excuse*.

so yesterday i volunteer for orientation. i got to see alot of new students. haha. so i was put in the registration for students name start fron D to J. it was so obvious that my table is for D to J but got another students name start from another letter. even got W came to me. haizz. some of them are nice and thankful, but some of them are super bad attitude and super ungrateful til i wanna slap them one by on until their head spinning 180 degrees.

after a very tiring orientation day, i went to see the mummy w jane proud sengyu and ferdi. so bad i even fell asleep. dont watch.