Monday, December 31, 2007

junior high school

junior high school (jhs) student nowdays are so freaky. if u go to malls, u will find groups with bunch of girls, wearing same style different colors like colour skinny and color cardigan, yes alot like power rangers. then headbands and flatshoes. all of them looks exactly like that. okay, the reason is "these items are so in right now" but it doesnt mean u have to wear those "in" items at the same time, fashion victims. besides, it doesnt look good. okay, i wear cardigan sometimes, when i'm in a rush. but i wear brown or black okayyy !? not neon bright shiny cling cling colors. when they meet each other, they will hug and say "i love youuu". cant be freakier. u meet everyday at school =.= to think abt it, i wasnt like that when i was their age, okay i oso go out with friends but i didnt use my mother's bag. okay ?

welcome to jakarta, people.. a place where u have to follow trends. a place where u cant be different. fuck this city.

Friday, December 21, 2007

SEE THIS !!!!!!!! so funny^^


open this :
after u watch that freaky video, open the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. or open this :
and seth green's funnier version :

no matter how, u have to see !!!!!! it's a must !!! its sooo funny !!! XDDD

Monday, December 17, 2007

hady for asian idol

what the hell man ? he's the worst of all.

me and dad were stoned (as in real stoned) infront of tv when they announced him as the winner, after that dad laughed like crazy. he thot it's a joke. he wished they'll say "yay, only joking! u not the winner!". but impossible lar =.=

then teddy said at msn"fuck him, he reminds me of ardi (drawing teacher)" he wanted mike to win XD too bad. power of fangirls. so, i continue sitting infront of lappy, played auditionsea as usual. play until morning then my hand become roti prata. i woke up at 4 pm bcos my mom called frm downstair, asked me to go pick up my cousin. but i refuse bcos i was so sleepy. i'm a heavy sleeper. duh. and now i got nothing to do. my friend not ol so dun wan play. lol

ok i go watch tv . bb :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

i'm back ... for now

for those (or no one at all) who wonder why i never update my blog, or dont reply at msn, or nvr check friendster or facebook so i dont reply ur messages or comments or anything, i'm playing game. ok ? online game. sorry to keep u waiting, but i'm busy with auditionsea rite now ^^;; i'm addicted because i play with my friend, not alone. hahaha. i like it when we have to work together to finish the move and beat everyone else. hahahaah, fun for us.

now i have time to write my blog because the game is under maintenance for hours. haha, i got nothing to do anyway :p after this i want to go pim with my dad. we need laptop cooler. haha, he need it so he can work. bcos if his laptop overheat, it will go slower and slower. me ? i need it incase of overheat also, to prevent lagging while playing. lol

so how's your days ? got life ?

Monday, December 10, 2007

dog over me =.=

so, loong time no see. lazy as usual.

so now i'm in jakarta. quite boring. hmmmm, i wanna go back singapore to sleep =.= i cant sleep tight here!!!! there's always something bugging! raaaaahhh!!!! why cant u ppl let me sleep lorrrr!!? i cannot wake up late like usual. omg, i need sleep. but when i bug my dog while he's sleeping, my mom will scold me. duhhhh.

just now i bought six comics. haha, hvnt read comics for ages. then i accompany my mom to toys city to buy toy for my dog =.=
mom : "alos needs toy"
me : "i bought him a spinning pig"
mom : "he dont like"
me : "so ?"
mom : "i'm gonna buy him a new one"
me : .......
and we she didnt find a good one, so next time again.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

it's for you

u are not different with them
u are exactly the same as they are
so stop bitching