Saturday, May 31, 2008

the 6th day

it's only 6 days here and i ALMOST bored to death. i already bought dvd and comic book supplies just in case i hv nothing to do for the next one and a half month. and today ina stay over at my house. weeee~~ i taught her to play audition and she likes it! yeah!! and i've chatted with some of my housemates, those who misses me; dintun davis florence vallent XD but i nvr see tata online.

mad girl playing audi

oh anyway, this morning i went to centre point wif my mom and my cousin. we bought dvd's. and i've persuaded my cousin to buy sky of love ! yay, i love that movie :D well, it issss good. u shd watch it too. koizora is love i tell u. loveeee~

Monday, May 26, 2008

i <3 jakarta

that's the sticker i put in front of my room's door. yes everyone, rasti is home. HOME. HOMEEEEE !!!!

so i arrived in jakarta at i-dont-know-dont-care what time. after several humiliations of myself before arrived. so i was eating in the plane. then, when i cut my beef suddenly one of the vegetable jumped and landed RIGHT into my tea. burning desire of drinking some milk tea made me thick skin-ed and so i decided to take out the stupid green thing out of my tea. 2 singapore uncles beside me (ya i was sitting in the middle =.=) was looking at me with this kind of face -- o__O;; but i stayed cool. and then, the cool girl wanted to pour the milk into her tea. so i opened the cap and the milk splat onto my face. fk laaaaa.

not finish. landed in jakarta and i realised i hvnt fill in some stupid form. and i dun hv pen. i wished a pen fell from the ceiling. but nvr happen. why ah ? ok nevermind. so i tap the chinese uncle in front of me and asked for a pen. he was looking at me with a sian face but still gv me the pen. hahahaaa. saviour.

so. my mom picked me up at the airport. ahhhh, at last i feel my own private car XD aircon, big bed, tv, dvd in my room. i'll live a veryyy good life while still here. muahahaha. my princess time has come looooo~~

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shopping :D

today i went shopping with joce at serangoon :D we took bus there. and the stupid uncle didn't stop at the right place so we hv to walk back 1 bus stop =.= quite far, very hot, i sweat like a pig. then i bought a porcelain doll for $20, doraemon slipper for $2, transparent bag and doll for $5. so cheap :D happy~ went orchard to buy food and chill at my place for a bit. joyce said the salvation army near her place is cheaper. so nxt time we go there. yay!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

super bored

everyday go out, watch movie, waste money, etc. sigh .. really, i need something to do =.=
even ppl in my hse are anti social right now, nobody out of the room. only me outside. so unwanted :( sad.. haizz.. maybe i shd go sleep and repair my sleeping cycle

Friday, May 09, 2008

so dreamy

again, i wrote a looooong story and all gone. wow. i dont wanna write again !!!!

the thing is, i had a very very sweet dream last night :) if it happens, will be happy X3 i was dreaming abbout marriage. bcos i read a bridal magazine bfr i go to sleep last night. ahahaha. im not gonna write the full story, bcos i wrote it just now and all gone. puh. nonono, i wasnt dreaming abt married with my crush, or some handsome guy, or celebrity. the story that is sweet. hohoho. so insane.

miyavi : u want marry me or not?

me: of course !!

and i saw iron man with teddy and jia yan just now. so cool :D but need more fighting scene.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

another boring night

chat with idiots (davis tata vallent), emoticon war, nudging, making fun of each other. haizz .. we got no life leh =.=

Monday, May 05, 2008

3 mts holiday=boring

now my holiday started already. i was so happy at the first few days. now i find it very boring. but still 3 months to go. dunno what to do, go out and waste money everyday =.= haizz... like today, went clarke quay with yolanda and lala. tmr also meeting them again. i so got nothing to do seriously =.=

at first i thot i can go shopping like everyday. but then when i went shopping, i dont know what to buy already. too long nvr shop, until really lost interest XD

shit la, i dont know what to write already. mind stuck =.=

Friday, May 02, 2008


cleaned up the fridge last night this morning with tata and dtun. we threw away all the expired food. from just now expired to 3 years old lemon tea. andddd, i just realised we had more expired food in our fridge than the good food. hmmm, ppl in this house nvr take care. me ? i not gonna leave food in the fridge for more than a week. hohohoo. okay, maximum 2 weeks for eggs, not 2 years. dont know la, some idiot leave their pork for 2 years in the freezer.

the expireds

and today my parents are coming without a prior notice. suddenly in the (not so) morning, my phone rang. it was from my dad.

me: helloooo ?
dad: wake up, i'm in the airport.
me: what airport ?
dad: changi laaaaa, idiot!
me: HA ????

then i rushed to the bathroom. seriously i nvr know they gonna come here today. after bath i stood in front of the shoe rack for abt 2 minutes. i also dont know why. then we went shopping :D tmr also go shopping, day after tmr no more :/ they going back indo. omg, after long time, i finally had good food. i wish they stay here longer so i hv smtg to do. since i dont hv friends to go out with .. :(