Tuesday, September 30, 2008


got scolded by klinton. so badly

*mod molly blythe still in stock. interested buyers, email me =D

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i am selling my blythe!

Mod Molly Blythe for sale! letting go for S$100. i bought it for S$185. Still in very good condition.
Removed from the box once.
Comes with the box, doll stand, and full outfit.

e-mail me: rikku_chan85@yahoo.com

thank you =)

Monday, September 08, 2008

lantern festival

im fasting start from today. so yeah, today is my 1st day. hunger makes me become very lazy, i even skip lecture today =p so basically im supposed to do my fashion styling and drawing homework. but once again everybody, im very lazy. super lazy.

last saturday i went to the lantern festival at chinese garden. with dintun ames and florence =) the lanterns were cuteee~ i think there are hundreds of big big sanrio characters lantern. but my favorite is this:

tipsy panda

i saw a loooot of little kids holding baloons. the baloons are very cute! they have feet =D so i decided to buy one for myself. but unfortunately i couldn't find the stall. then i saw a kid holding a baloon and i asked her mom. she said they bought it at the entrance. so we all walked all the way back to the entrance, but we still couldnt find the damn stall. after we read the map, we knew that there were 2 entrances. so we walk all the way again to the other entrance. when we got there, there were only 2 baloons left! and a kid was buying the other one, so i rushed to the stall aand buy the last piece =D phew, so much for a baloon. but im very happy! oh yea, i got a dinosaur =)

look! im so happy =)

Friday, September 05, 2008


last week had my navel pierced wif jane and proud. didnt feel anything though i was waiting for the pain. and i bought shoes! but it spoiled after i wear it twice. *^%$#@!!!! after that we watched death race. not as good as i expected. damn it.

low quality picture. low quality shoes

this week quite sucks le, our 2 nicest lecturers had a super bad mood yesterday. damn fierce. and today ginette praised my works. and she told me to redo the wrong ones, NICELY. like "this is wrong, redo okay?:)". omg, last week she was like "this is wrong! redo or i'll tear!!". i hope she stays in good mood forever. good for us.

im so tired lah, im very restless. u know what, for the whole week i only slept like 4 hours to do those shits! im happy my lovely friends robert and davis helped me do. but robert sucks and only helped a bit. davis okay lah, neat. lol, save time. he did my last week work, under my supervise of course, and i did this week work. and i managed to finish by last night :D wohoooo.