Friday, July 18, 2008

curse of gecko

the book shelf thay my mom ordered has arrived this morning. she bought it so at least our house will be tidier. bcos books are like all over the place. anyway, that shelf is not gonna work as long as me, my dad, my cousin, and my brother are still in the house.

and yesterday, when i was washing my hand, a gecko was trapped in the sink. it cant climb up bcos the surface is wet. due to my hate to its kind, i wanted to drown it but i realised i cant do that bcos there's a water hole and i cant plug w anything. so i decided to play with it. first i just splash water to it, then i mix the water w soap, then its body started to whiten and cramp. thot it was possesed, i left it there, scared. then few hours later its gone alrdy o.o

oh actually i hv the picture but i cant send it to my com. gt problem w bluetooth. haizz nvm, geckos in my hse is like wall decoration. still got so many time to take picture of them.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


holaaa! i know i nvr update for more than a week now.

so, today i ate chilli crab wif my family :D we ate at long beach. sat beside another family, looks like they really know table manner. they ate crab with spoon and fork loh. while my table looks like barbarian family from the stone age. we even nvr use that thing to break the crab. just bite bite loh. more sensational. i really dont understand how come they eat crab without getting their hands dirty. haizz.

and my dad gave me a camera. the dslr one. he said it's going to be useful so he bought for me. hmm ..

i think my blogging skill is getting lower.. gotta write more. but not now :3 anyway im going back spore next week. so gotta enjoy my time here before the school start. wheee, enjoy jakarta.

Friday, July 04, 2008

watch !!

my friend made this video ..