Sunday, June 29, 2008


last post's tragedy happened again today. now i really wanna steam those children for jane.

today my mom bought me the flavored straw again :D now it's all chocolate. she told me she was so embarassed when she wanted to bought this bcos the shopkeeper asked abt me.

mom: excuse me, u have the flavored straw?
shopkeeper: oh yes, for ur child isit ? how old?
mom: ........ 10.

she said she dont wan admit her daughter is 19. she's afraid the shopkeeper will thot im a retarded kid who cant drink white milk. SO? what's the big deallll ??? u think only small kids dont want drink milk ?? haizzzzz......

anyway some bastard added me on yahoo messenger wif a message: "hi sexy rasti, u hv pretty eyes". my answer: go die.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

reason why i hate kids

hello everyone how are you? i was dying for a few days bcos of fever so i havent write :3 huahahha excuseeee.
so, that's what i do when i got flu. the tissue will absorb so i dont have to bother blowing. u should try. but remember to take out when ur about to sneeze.
okayyy, last monday my dad came back from dubai. he brought back my long lost love which is this:

it's a chocolate

3 years ago, i had a whole bunch of that chocolate. i ate it so slowly so i can eat it everyday. and thennnn, one day my dad invited his friends to our house. his friends got bring their children. those children were super naughty !! they were chasing my dog (not my dog chasing them), scared the fishes, almost destroy my swing, etc etc. but i didnt bother. i watched tv and ate my chocolate. then i went to my parents room for aircon. i left the whole thing outside. guess what happened when im back outside? the whole thing was gone. gone. gone seriously. GONE. then i asked my mom.

me: where's my chocolate?
mom: oh the yellow ones? children ate em
me: all?
mom: yes, all.

felt like chopping their head off, i rushed to the kitchen and looked for a knife if there's still some chocolate left. no more. i couldnt find that chocolate in supermarket u know T__T that's why im so upset. i nvr have that chocolate for 3 years since that time ! bloody kids!! rah!!!

yeah, so, the reason why i hate hate hate kids with passion : they ate my chocolate.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

quick post

watched kungfu panda with della today :D super funny !! and i love tai lung, he's cute *u*
we planned to watch at 14.30 but the tickets are sold out T_T so we watched at 16.35. and i alrdy came at 14.00 =.= so we chilled at then played taiko .. we were just in time when we finished playing. hahaha.

stupid girl nvr know i candid her

lazy update. bye

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

last angel

i just watched last angel pv. koda kumi feat tohoshinki. so nicee XD i like koda kumi, she's the 2nd japanese artist i like after laruku. i dont like tohoshinki bcos i think they're a bit gay. but i think their collaboration wif koda kumi is cool. i like the song ! and yunho is kinda hot XD first i searched in the pv youtube but they dont have, and dailymotion is the hero. yay !

so, when i saw the last angel single cd at hmv, i wanted to buy but i think shd wait for the album. when the album released, the expense is v high =.=;; so i think i'll just download. fortunately, i got the song from davis' comp. his comp got almost everything. true pirate. and i fell in love the first time i listened to the song XD waaa~ i love koda kumiii~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

white milk and magic straw

today my mom bought me a magic straw (i dunno what it called, so i just say magic straw). the straw changes the taste of white milk. one pack got 5 flavors and i tried the strawberry one. whoaa, the taste really change XD it's good for me who hates white milk v much. bcos whenever i drink, i always puke. but still, eventhough it taste like strawberry, white milk is white milk. i HATE. i can only hv it wif chocolate cereal. one and only way.

Monday, June 16, 2008

hellos ;)

hey long time no blog. ya im lazy to update. but i know i have to. if nvr update then hv blog for what ? correct ? hahah XD

so, 2 days ago i met nadine at ohlala then ina stayed over. first, i had lunch wif nadine then she chilled at my house. we camwhored as usual. after that ina came. 3 of us had dinner. mommy cooked for us. some pictures wif miss nadine;

the next day, had steamboat w parents.
today, had steamboat wif mommy and sally.
mommy loves steamboat, that's why.

kk thats it for today. i'm out ;)

mana uwjyan, gada owjyek, beychek.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hi ppl :D

long time no blog. last time a palm tree fell on my phone cable so internet cant work. yesterday fixed alrdy.

today i go sency wif karina and watch made of honor. nice, but i dun really like. after i saw the movie, i definitely dont want to marry a scottish guy. seriously. i dont want my husband to wear skirt. and their accent so weird. cant imagine @_@;; and then we shop shop like we nvr shop before. haha. but forgot to take picture XD nxt time then.

went back home at 7 plus i think. then help sally do her work and copi came bothering. wah, world of working ppl, looks so hard. i wonder if im gonna be like her when i hv a job.. ?

my cousin doing work

so poor thing ..

Saturday, June 07, 2008


got my labrador today :D me dad and sally debate about his name and came out wif several ideas like :


quite a lot.. results after few hours deciding. then suddenly my mom came to the dog and say "muchuuuuu". muchu ? then she continue "what ? i want his name to be muchu." woooww.. we were thinking of his name for hours but then she saw the dog once and suddenly call a random name :/ but then we all agree his name will be COPI (read: cho-pee. not copy) stands for COKLAT PISAN in sundanese XD in english is very brown ..

copi sleeping in the car

Friday, June 06, 2008

the old skool time

went to buy comics today. then i met my junior in high school. i dont know his name but i recognize his face. i think he also did bcos he smiled and nod to me. hahaha XD things nvr change .. im kinda miss high school. teman2, gw mau ke pj ! temeniiinn !!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

indiana jones and kingdom of living statues

today i got my braces tightened. so painful.

then my dad was dying to see indiana jones, so me and my mom went to see indiana jones wif my dad. but suddenly my mom chose to treat herself at hair salon. after that, my lovely parents bought frankfurter. nice. sooooooo nice, I CANT EAT LAH my teeth damn pain !!! *sob sob* i waaaanttt~~

and ya, as u ppl in indo know, the road to pim is full of statues. but surprisingly no creepy gossips abt them. like walking grandpa statue at 3 am, or shitting statue under the bridge or wtvr. then few days ago my dad wanted to start those issues =.= only need to talk to one person and that person will talk to others and so on and so on. and that unlucky person is me.

dad : hey u know what, if u stare at that grandpa statue for quite a while, he will smile at u!
me: ya ? h0w long ?
dad : ermm, abt 2 months.
me : ...
dad : and then and thenn !! if u wait for another month, he can laugh !! and talk to uu !!!
me : T___T;; then what happen the next month ?
dad : u can play cards
me : ........... what if i wait for a year ?
dad : u can date him :D

Monday, June 02, 2008

shit !

i'm going dentist tmr @~@

scared >__<;;