Tuesday, April 29, 2008


at last everything is done! i hv no more things to do, to buy, to submit, to blablabla. i can go shopping now. hahahahahaha. but my body cracking looooh. i carried my stuff alone. fuckin heavy. after i arranged everything, me and joyce went bugis to eat. then we came to my place. we bitched, and then fell asleep. that was the best 2 hours ever, after assessment. because this week i cannot sleep well until today. i really dun wan go back sch. felt like calling someone to burn my stuff after assessment.

5.30 we went back to school but the basement opened at 7 =.= planned to burn our 3D but we afraid the lecturers will scold us. so we just whacked the thing. sengyu even destroy the thing like mad. he keep banging the thing into small pieces. he looked very happy and satisfied so i just let him be. but then i had to carry my stuff home (alone) again. go back home straight to the bed and sleep like pig.

it's today!

wahhh today is the day! wish me luck !!! i hv dtun and jc to help me bring my stuff in the morning but i got no volunteer in the afternoon :( help!! nobody's kind enough to help me. huuu. hah nvm think abt it later.

anyway, after today i'm absolutely FREE. shopping days has come ! wahahahaha !! and i'll be away from may 11th till mid june. i'm going back to jkt. haa .. i suppose to be happy but i dont know ..

oh btw, yesterday i slept in dtun's room. wahh the aircon so niceee. the best! better than the one in that stupid dumdum's room. which means so much better than the one im my room. when dtun and tata move, i want to move there. but too bad vallent and davis booked it first. haizzz, its okay the bathroom in my room is still the biggest anyway. hohoho. happy holiday.

speaking of stupid dumdum, i saw a gecko went into ur room just now. be careful.

Monday, April 28, 2008

4 in the morning

i've done my research ! :D now time to blog.

tmr is my assesment, and i hv to bring sooooo many and sooooo heavy stuff tmr. but fortunately dintun wants to help me carry in the morning. but i dunno in the afternoon. anyone wanna volunteer ? hah. and today i'll hv to go to jane's place to borrow her folder. thanks a lot jane :D and sorry to disturb u. and i really hv no idea how to arrange the table. when i went to the basement everybody was packing already so im still blur abt how to arrange the table. but i saw michelle's table in her blog. she arranged it like an exhibition. so i wonder if everybody also do so ? i dont think i can arrange it very nicely, but i'll try to make it not so ugly. the important thing is the works is itttt !? hohoho *overload self-esteem*

and about my problem on the few last post, im glad i talked to ichi :) i know i can rely on her, so we talked for abt one hour in the late late morning. haaaaaa, at least i feel a bit relieved. thanks mamichii ! mumumuuu ^^

Sunday, April 27, 2008

definitely, maybe.

watched definitely, maybe with ex housemates. haha. nice but i dont really understand XD but somehow this movie kinda make me miss my dad. no link i know. and this movie is happy ending, hmm.. i dont know if it's really happy ending or not. married but in love with another woman. nvm i like love affairs. hohoho.

anyway when i was eating sushi, i realised something was keep poking my lip. i assume that thing must be my braces. and true, the wire came off. it's just the wire. so ppl cant tell. but the edge hurts my lip :( huu. anyways, my work done already. only wait for tuesday. hoho wish me luck :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008


im glad my works reducing already :) so i hv time to write blog. i've just finished my fashion illustration, wahhh. and my garment, and my fahion communication and marketing task. so happyy!! now only research and 2D collage. nyaaaa~~ i hate research T_T only search and print but somehow i dont like it. oh and my assesment is on tuesday not monday, so still hv time to finish. hohohohohooo~ plan to whack and burn our 3D thing with joyce. i dunno if sengyu wanna join or not.

oh today i met jane jes kus and proud at school. hvnt see them for ages.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

new hair ! :D

today me dintun and vallent had our haircut at shunji matsuo. ok la dont look different in pictures, hv to see it live. i wanted to hv the same style with shorter length but i changed my mind. i dont want keep that raped hair look. so the japanese guy cut my hair japanese style, like in those magazines. he said i look like crazy woman in my previous hair, so he turned me into normal kawaii girl XD whatever, forget the kawaii part =.= the thing is i dont look like crazy woman anymore.

anyway, monday is my assesment day. and i hvnt finish all my stuff. hv to rush ! well, actually i've done quite a lot. but still not all. gotta finish them all by sunday. as usual, i dont need straight A's, i dont mind lowest D's as long as i can pass.

Monday, April 21, 2008

bodyache, heartache

spent the whole week doing 3d. first few days doing at my place, then at school, then joyce's house. it's done now, but looks like shit. i dont even dare to turn the thing. i'm scared when i turn the thing collapse. if that happens, i'll commit suicide in front of the lecturers. i dunno can pass or not, but i hope they know how much effort we gave for this thing. even sengyu bleed for it. so while he was shaving the gear, he cut his thumb, right on the vein, and bleed like crazy. but nobody panic. sorry sengyu, we dont love u XD

so yesterday i went joyce's house at pasir ris and spent 12 hrs doing 3d. today also, but only 7 hrs. result : bodyache. why ? bcos we were doing it in not healthy positions (???)

haizzzz .... anyway, i dunno if i should still stay here or not. i dont mean moving, but just stay away from this place for quite a while. last night when i was trying to sleep (which means still awake), i heard ppl talking (and bitching) abt something that makes me feel so angry and stupid at the same time. i cant write in here, very dangerous. i've been keeping this in mind. i wanted to talk to someone, anyone. but i dont like bothering ppl with my problem. so confused. my godddd, i think i really need to talk :( should i ? anyone out there wanna listen ?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

very tireddd

today went school without bathing and still wearing my beautiful sleeping outfit. and still hvnt bath until now, nvm la can do tmr. i went to school at 10 and went home 10.30. wuahh so nice ya if everyday like that XD bur after that doing work with my beloved joyce and sengyu again from 1 to 10. 9 hrs and still hvnt finish. tmr must finish! huaaaaa!!!!!!!! shit laaaaa, since the whole house started to play audition hightstreet5 etc i've been influenced and slacked. rahh!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

after a long period of time ..

that's my face from palying games for hours. i've been playing audition with dintun from 4 to 10 pm. 6 hrs. wah so much fun, better than do work XD well, since i hvnt play for so long, time for revenge. 6 hrs is actually quite short what ? next day off can play again. hah.

this morning me dintun and thatha went ikea. i bought a short table. red colour :D and thatha bought a chair, very comfy one! i bet she wont do work on that chair. today florence also came home from jakarta. she brought quite a lot of snacks XD oh anyway, it's almost 3 am, and im a bit sleepy. so, i dunno. better go. hv a nice sunday :) bcos i wont. work work work. damn audition made me slack :p

Friday, April 11, 2008


today sengyu and joyce came over again. as expected, ended up slacking. today joyce even wanted to chop off the rabbit =.=;; i asked sengyu to help me cut my pen knife to change the edge bcos it's not sharp anymore. and what he did was cut the whole thing ! =.=" now my pen knife become totally straight

like this

and today i saw my slippers in cineleisure. they sell them for $15 to $17. i bought mine in indo for $5 only.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

dont eat ur own shit :)

just now nadine linked me to some indonesian forum. it was a post from some guy, he said he was curious about the taste of shit so he tried makan a bit. he said it was bitter and he felt dizzy after that. very sick la this guy =.=;; link (indonesian language) :

anyway, today i feel very full. why ? bcos the whole house, not all, almost, have to eat a whole cake before 12. why ? bcos tmr is the expiry day =.= actually i dont think there's an effect but ok la for fun (?) =.=;; so when me and dintun was having a pear-peeling war, suddenly tata came to the kitchen brought a box of whole cake. then she cut cut into i dunno how many pieces. she said "tmr expire so we hv to eat it now!" first we gave a piece to the new kid. then me tata dintun elvira vallent and davis worked together finishing that blueberry cake. and we managed to finish it at 11.30 at night :D i thot the guys will take even more pieces but they didn't. hmmm ... on diet ?

oh ya, i feel sorry for indonesia. now the government blocked internet access to youtube, myspace, rapidshare, and multiply. mr. president, why are you so narrow minded ? u block the whole thing just becos of that fitna film thing ? i dunno what's wrong with u but u just make ur country even more left behind. then the rumors said they will also block fs, facebook, deviantart, ym, and msn. why dont u block google as well ? if they really block those sites, i'm not going back indo then. very fucked up la that country. then if i'm home what do i do ? play audition all day ? ok la i play until my fingers come off.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

stud stud stud

went orchard with jesieca to get some food. then shop daily needs abit. jes looked very mommy type holding the basket and put stuff in XD oh anyway, the shoes that i ordered arrived already. but i didnt expect the heels to be so so high. my god. but its ok la, can learn XD

i also hv been looking for pyramid studs. i searched in far east and spotlight but cannot find. last time i found one in textile centre but the size was too small. anybody can give advise where should i go ? i thot i could find it easily but apparently i couldnt. if u dont know what a pyramid studs, see picture below. and im not looking for a ready-made bracelet or belt or smtg. i only need the studs. so, anyone ?

Monday, April 07, 2008

heavenly days

I turn off the time to wake up before the alarm clock ressounds
I don't know why but I can already remember you

I wonder if, before I know it, I'll forget
even the miracle of being able to meet you for one hundred minutes
Will I end up forgetting even that I've forgotten?

Heavenly days, in the room in the pocket of my heart
I look for your vanished warmth
Even if there's no way to feel you ever again
I'm locking up those days that are still a bit warm

Tired of walking, I sat down and was at a loss, if you were with me
We could have talked about something like our unbearable dream's fate

I couldn't say it by the ticket barrier, I wanted to say
That I feel "Thank you" are maybe words much sadder than "goodbye"

Heavenly days, I wonder if I could smile properly
At the scene of our last kiss, I couldn't even grasp your shivering hands, not even my tears fell
Now that it's too late, they overflow when I'm alone

Heavenly days, in the room in the pocket of my heart
I look for your vanished warmth
Even if there's no way to feel you ever again
Even if I stretch out my hands, you're not here anymore
I'll walk on under a new light

moment of being emo .. =.=

Saturday, April 05, 2008

home alone x

if i can make a sequel, i dunno how many home alones i've made.

today i went out already, but not for long. only get stuff to do my garments. i can see all my friends are online in msn. means they're not going out too, correct ? dudes ? ahah.

so i took bus home. and no one's home. so rasti is home alone (again).

Friday, April 04, 2008

dont buy cheap bleach

joyce and sengyu came over today. planned to do gears but ended up watching random movies sengyu brought. but we did the gears. seriously. and i dunno what's wrong with joyce, she kept abusing my white bunny doll. first she lifted up, then she shaked the thing, then she threw, and lastly she laughed. wow joyce, mount elizabeth is just near.

i wanted to start doing my garment, so i started from the very beginning which is bleaching. i bought the belach for 1 dollar only. got quite big bottle. sooo, i pour the whole bottle inside the bucket. and i put the jeans inside. but not the whole jeans dipped inside the water. so i pushed the whole thing with my hands. suddenly my hands very pain, then become so red and very itchy. i called my dad and he was like "be it lah, later it will peel then gone" and he gave the phone to my mom, her suggstion was so different "cannot just be it! later will peel. u go see doctor lah, or buy vitamins. dont just leave it like that okay? OKAY!?" since none of the suggestion was helpful, i consult my maid. she said just put lotion and dont scratch. i did what she said and it works. so pro ah =.=

the cursed bleach

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

swim swim :3

omg i wrote so much and the damn laptop lagged and everything's gone. so i hv to start all over again =.=

so today i put my house key into the atm card slot. no that's not the topic im gonna write.

yesterday i went downstair for swimming :D yippieee ! i hvnt swim for quite long time i guess. and thw best thing was nobody's there. only me and tata XD i think i shd go swimming a bit often. bcos i've paid to live here, so hv to take advantage of the facility. correct ? since im not gonna use the gym or basketball court or tennis court. but i dont think i can go swimming that often. first, so hard to have the same day off with other housemates. i dun wanna go alone okay. second, im so lazy to go down. third, no third i guess. but it was fun! wheee.. eventhough we're not really swim, just splat splat and play with water XD

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

april 2nd is ..

tomorrow is april 2nd.

to one of my good friend; this is our 3 years "anniversary". 3 years of foolishness. since we prefer to be a happy fool, it's going to carry on as long as we remember. but i tell u what, u have a so much better situation than me. i'm the worst.

it's been 3 years but i still cant get over it until now :(

i'm such an idiot! thinking of this makes me hate myself so bad.

to my three-years-obsessionject; i was happy 3 years ago, thanks.