Wednesday, September 26, 2007


took picture with the kidface at 30 mins break. today's i.s was soo tiring. larry gave us a map and send every one of us to different place to take 50 pics. i was on the same way with eileen (actually we're not, but she trade her map with daryl so she can walk with me) i went to a church in wilky whatever road. mann ! it was soo scary, the road is so quiet and the people are so weird. i took 58 pics. too many to upload. after class, me and sengyu went for dinner at banquet. and suddenly fatin, atiqah, and roshni showed up and we sit together. i told three of them that i live alone. and there are different reactions :
roshni : it's nothing wrong live alone
fatin : i dont believe you . i really really dont believe you
atiqah : *cry suddenly*
hey , what the hell ? atiqah cried. hear tears fell. she said she feel sad for lonely people. oh geez , come on. i'm not that pathetic :(

okayy, i'm gonna do drawing homework now. cya

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

pusiiing @_@

sorry , i'm not in the mood to write in english ..

huhuu, gw pusing. cape ngerjain 3d, gw bikin tengkorak tp kayak babi. aduh ampun deh udah 2 jam gw gulung2 kawat tp ga jadi2 !!!! huweeeeee xO tolong saya. ga enak bgt tinggal sendirian in this kind of situation. ga ada yg bisa diajak ngomong. stress ya stress aja sendiri, mati ya mati aja sendiri. for all of you who say my life is close to perfection, you are so wrong. gw iri sama lo semua yg ga tinggal sendirian. huhuuu, terserah lo mau bilang gw manja, gw picky, gw apa aja. i dont care what you sayyyy !!!!! i just need someone to talk to !!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

bbq without hotties :(

so yesterday's bbq was so fun, but the hot guys didn't come . but we had a little troble, we forgot the platter and bbq sauce. fortunately the mini mart at jesieca's place have those :D and it was soo hard to start the fire, even A2 cartridge drawing pad couldnt do it very well *haha*. i didnt talk much after kus and emad violently tried to throw me into the pool. but then they abused benji, felix, and yi long. why am i the only girl who was being tried to throw ? i hate you guys. oh yeah, eliza and sentosa (santos) told some lies taught some lesson to daryl because he can speak a little indonesian, they gave him some new words :

eliza : say "saya jelek", that means i'm handsome.
santos : and "saya goblok", means i'm a gentleman.
daryl : ok, saya jelek, saya goblok. eyy everyone, saya jelek !

what a fool fast learner.

and we went to ****'s place, disturbing him and clean up his fridge. his place is very nice, but also very deep deep deep. i didnt feel like in singapore, like in somewhere far far away in indonesia. then we planned to go to the beach, but me and jes went home. she slept over in my place. in the morning, she cleaned my house again ! yay ! i love jesieca XD we were about to go to art friend, but what happened was we went shopping (again !) hahaha. i put bling2 on my v3 *i dont dare to put them on my z610*, but it's not enough, have to buy some more to cover the whole phone.

i will post another one when it's finished

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

bbq with hotties

my room is so messy ! like three aeroplane crashed and fell right into my room. i dont even think jesieca would clean this mess like before. tonight is for real, no space to walk. it's because of the printmaking ! i hate printmaking ! it's actually fun, but i really hate it when urich want it to be soooo clean.

okay, forget the printmaking. next friday is bbq day ! yaaay !! we're celebrating joyce's birthday in advance (again). we're not celebrating, it's just an excuse. we're inviting cute guys all over lasalle so kus and aaron would feel like shit because they're not cute *oops*. heey, 1Q girls need cuties ! there's no hot guys in our class :( oh yeah, aaron straightened his hair ! to be honest, aaron, in my eyes, you look .... hmm .. i dont know the best word, your hair is just not right .. sorry. ok back to the topic, i cant wait for friday ! it will be a very good day *nyahahahah*. cute and hot guys free of charge, ugly and old fashioned guys pay double.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


i've stayed in my old condo for 2 days, and today i'm going home. but next month i'll move (again) here ! yaaay !! XD hahahaha. but different building (my former house was west, i'm going to east). last night i met my new next housemate. and omg, he's afraid to go home alone. nyahahaha, lucky him i will accompany him everyday so he wont be afraid anymore. haha, little boy. it's just (not even) 1 minute walking anyway.

last friday me, jesieca, benji, kusal, jane, proud, sengyu, and emad went to karaoke, i didn't sing. i hate singing. i truly hate singing. i truly madly hate singing. i truly madly deeply hate singing. i truly madly deeply hate singing especially with mike, dammit !!! all of them was going crazy, especially sengyu, he was soooo different with the usual sengyu. a good boy who loves to go to library became the craziest boy in the room. and jesieca also. she was singing rap :D whoaa, everybody totally lose control. it was so much fun watching you all going nuts like mikewhores. haha, let's go there again, i wanna hear your fuckin horrible voices :D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

1st day fasting

today is the first time for me to fast alone. i spent the first day watch rogue asassin (which is boring) and proud thougt i was on diet. oh yeah, yesterday jesieca came to my house. she wanted to get some wires and planned to do 3D homework together. but when she went in, what she did was cleaning my room. she said it was sooo messy, she couldn't stand it. haha. thanks jes ;) come again next time, you're the most welcome here XD and the next day, my room is messy again. i think even worse.

today is the last printmaking with urich (the gigon lookalike lecturer). i havent finish the t-shirt yet. jane, kusal, and sengyu handed me theirs and told me to put them in my house. thanks a lot guys, i was fasting and you made me walk home under the frying sun alone with sengyu. assholes.

oh yeah, yesterday jane and proud forced me to wear lolita. and i was an object that day. people took my picture.

doll of the day

Sunday, September 09, 2007

i love my friends :)

yaay :D yesterday i went out with viska and mira x) i'm shoo happy because i havent hang out with them for long time. they were here for indo art festival.

they want me to take them to cheap shopping centre. so i brought them to bugis. and viska was the shopping queen. she was shopping like mad ! gilee lo vis. i just bought a gun necklace, a dress and a big gloomy doll. haha. but it was fun. i wanna see you girls again !! huhuu.

i wanted to write much, but i've got homeworks waiting :(

Monday, September 03, 2007

this place sucks ..

i hate it with passion !
i wanna go back ..

Saturday, September 01, 2007

i'm leaving again

this is my last post in horison tower west, leonie hill, river valley.

i'm moving to peace center in selegie road. damn it ! i love this place already. i'm gonna miss you guys sooo much ! i'm last in first out. irene agnez susan anya icha bernard chris rio ardi , thank you soo much for being very great housemates and friends ! thank you for sharing food and dishes, thank you for doing my homeworks, thank you for everything. for chris and rio, you guys better take care of my room. okay, this is the second time i'm leaving a bunch of friends for a shit. i miss you guys already :(

okay don't worry, i will be eternal guest there . hahahaha . kalo kata ardi tidur di sofa ma dia . wahahahaha, kalo lo baik gw mau deh ;p